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Make Your Life Easier with
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Book Design Services

You can save hundreds of hours of frustration and hassles
by using professional book design services for Kindle or Smashwords or CreateSpace

No need to pull your hair out!

Book Design Services

You’re no doubt anxious to get your book done, and have it available to the world.

But you’ve spent months wrestling with Word trying to format your book...

  • Text formatting
  • Headers and footers
  • Word styles
  • Setting body font
  • Page size
  • Margins

...and on, and on.

You CAN now relax

Book Design Services

No more blood, sweat and tears trying to get your book formatted for:

  • Kindle
  • Smashwords, or
  • CreateSpace.

You've no doubt spent weeks, months, maybe years writing your book. You certainly now don't want to spend hundreds of hours (or months) struggling with the formatting of your book file. And then have something that looks wonky... and more hours to try and sort it out.

Yes, it can be a major nightmare!

Save time and relax

All you need to do is send me your plain Word file (and images, for non-fiction), and I'll take care of the techie details.

You receive a finished, professionally formatted Word (Kindle and Smashwords) or PDF (CreateSpace) file back from me, ready to upload.

And the nice thing? You skipped the blood, sweat and tears agonizing with Word.

You will not have the stress of submitting your files, and receiving that dreaded "Rejected" or "Errors" emails. More delays. Urrgggh.

These are just some of the hassles you'll avoid...

  • Headers and footers
  • Using special font styles in between your body font, e.g. text messages or notes
  • Spacing between words, with justified text
  • Glitch with justified text
  • Page size for specific trade book size - not the default Word page size
  • Page numbering
  • Styles and fonts
  • Chapter headings and/or sub-headings formatted for aesthetics and readability
  • Chapter divisions
  • Avoid the huge pain to comb through a 200 or 300-page manuscript to make changes
  • Fonts correctly embedded in your PDF file - to avoid rejection by CreateSpace

...and so on, and so on.

Wave headaches and hassles away

Successful Self-Publisher

You've worked hard on writing (and re-writing) your book. You're anxious to hold your hard copy book in your hands, or have your Kindle ebook available on your device.

You can easily, for example, cut off 4 months of headaches trying to get your book formatted in Word. And this is valuable time you can spend in promoting your book.

What if you want to make changes, or publish a second edition of your book?

No problem. You will have the formatted Word file, and you can make changes with ease.

"Colin Dunbar has worked on a number of projects for me. Each time he has addressed my concerns about layout and appearance with the utmost professionalism. He also guided me in how the ebooks should be formatted for the best user experience from my customers."

Shannon Dipple

Choose to leave all the hassles and frustration behind

Your book can go from this...

Book Design Before

To this...

Book Design After

My book design services covers the formatting of ebooks, and the design of hard copy (paper) books for the following 3 popular online publishers:

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. Smashwords (various ebook formats)
  3. CreateSpace (paper book)

The Process

What you supply

Essentially you send me your typed manuscript, and any graphic images (as attachments - jpg, gif, or png). No formatting is required on your part. This can be a Word or plain text file. You send your file/s and any special instructions, using the form below.

Please note images used in paper books (i.e. CreateSapce) must have at least a 200dpi resolution.

I will review your file/s and send you a fixed price for your project, and an estimated timescale.

After payment is received (PayPal), your project will be allocated a time slot in my schedule. You will be advised of the estimated delivery date of your first draft to review.

What we do

  • Completely design and format book (incl. text, headlines, headers, footers, page numbers, etc.).
  • Place images at required or applicable positions (non-fiction). You need to include place holders of where the images need to be placed, e.g. [PLACE SUNSET.JPG HERE]
  • Include cross-reference clickable links, within and out of book (e-books).
  • Check manuscript for text flow.
  • Check for obvious typographical errors.
  • Copyright page.
  • Foreword (if required).
  • Create alphabetical index (if required).*
  • Bibliography (if required).*
  • Design cover.*

* Charged for separately.

What we supply

  • First draft (in PDF format). You check the content and layout, and if required add/delete text and/or images. This is a thorough check by you.
  • Second draft (in PDF format). You check that all additions/deletions, and requests by you were done.
  • NOTE: Any additions/deletions to this SECOND draft may be charged for.
  • Final draft (in PDF format). You verify that all SECOND DRAFT comments are done. IMPORTANT: Any extra work to the FINAL DRAFT will be charged for.
  • Final book manuscript (in PDF and MS Word format)
  • Note: Where the file size of the PDF or Word document is too large for e-mailing, the document will be sent by WeTransfer.


  • No writing of content.
  • No re-writing of content.
  • No sourcing of graphic images.*
  • No creation of graphic images (except the book cover).*
  • No image re-touching.*
  • No uploading to web reseller.*
  • No printing of hard copies (POD printers can be recommended).
  • No editing of text.*

* Charged for separately, if required.

Choose the book design service that suits you:


Kindle ebook

   from... $4.50 per page (for example, a 200-page book will be from $900)

Smashwords ebook

   from... $4.50 per page

CreateSpace paper book

   from... $6.50 per page


Kindle ebook

   from... $1.75 per page (for example, a 200-page novel will be from $350)

Smashwords ebook

   from... $1.75 per page

CreateSpace paper book

   from... $4.50 per page

If all 3 versions are required, please contact me for details.

Submit your files for a fixed price

Accepted files: txt, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, png.
A maxium of 20 files at a time is allowed.
Maximum file size is 20Mb.
Your upload may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your file(s)

"When I found out that I could send my words for an e-book to Colin and he could turn it into a real e-book, I was thrilled. Colin transformed my words into something I'm proud of."

Vanessa Simkins

"I'm so pleased with Colin's work. He's an expert - a real detail person who works with you until you're completely satisfied with the finished product."

Carol Adler, President/CEO
Dandelion Enterprises, Inc.

Who is Colin Dunbar?

Colin Dunbar is an expert technical writer with 37+ years’ experience, as well as an indie author with five self-published books to his name, and more to come. After following the regular career path, he started his own corporation and ran it for five years, after which he decided to sell.

In 2004 Colin self-published his book, Invest In Yourself, and soon after he started an online business, running his website and self-publishing his second book, Get What You Want.

As he gained experience on the Web, in 2007 he accepted a virtual contractor position with SiteSell, Inc. (Canadian based company). His responsibilities in this position included the writing of material for use on SiteSell’s sites, as well as in their online publications. He was also responsible for proofreading and doing online research.

For the years 2007 to 2014, Colin offered an e-cover design service (designing a total of over 200 e-covers). From 2009 to 2014, he also offered a book design service (which included copyediting, proofreading, etc.), completing over 100 book and ebook designs.

In 2011, he launched a self-publishing website, and in 2014, due to time constraints, closed it down to focus all his attention on writing his series of books.

"Colin Dunbar is a professional who will give your book project his undivided attention. We are happy with our second book, "Let's Model" that Colin and design team designed for us."

Renee' Lauren

"Colin is amazing to work with - very knowledgable about book layouts, design and copy. He worked with me on my e-book layout and on my printed book version as well. Both products are fantastic. I couldn't have done it on my own."

Carla Vaughan

"Colin has been very helpful and professional in creating and designing my Ebooks, covers and his service is outstanding. I can now write more Ebooks knowing I have the editing and other parts handled!"

Julie Onofrio

"I was amazed. If anyone out there is considering doing an ebook, I recommend Colin's book design services with all my heart. Professional quality service if there ever was one!"

Leena Pekkalainen

"Colin, just want to let you know your layout changes in my exercise program manuals are awesome. Thanks also for getting the job done quickly."

Matthew Scott, B.Ac, MA

P.S. Don't let the fear of formatting your book hold you back from becoming a self-published author. Contact me now and let's get your book designed and formatted, and out into the world for everyone to enjoy!