Chip Kidd – Book Designer [VIDEO]

This is Chip Kidd’s talk at TED, and you’ll see what a creative individual this guy is.

He has 30-something years experience, and at the time of the TED talk he had been in book design for something like 25 years. It shows in the standard of work he creates.

In the video you’ll just a few examples of some of the book cover design he has done… creative! Especially the cover for Jurassic Park; how that cover came to be (and the result of that cover).

You’ll also hear the 3-fold responsibility of a book cover designer.

Chip also talks about typography, you’ll see an example of 8 books and how extraordinary the design is.

You’ll laugh when he says…

“Try experiencing THAT on a Kindle!”

Let me know what you thought of Chip’s video.

Author: Colin Dunbar

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