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If you're thinking of writing and self publishing your book, this is the place to start. How to Start Writing a Book, to Writing and Self Publishing Resources... this is the place to start.

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How To Start Writing A Book
I know what it’s like – you have this awesome idea, you’re uber excited, but how to start writing a book makes you hit out in a cold sweat…. Maybe you’re nervous. Maybe you’re afraid. Or any other number of reasons. So, if you’re having any of the feelings I mentioned above, feel assured...

How to Write a Book
If you’re asking yourself the question, “How do I write a book?”, this article is going to give you the fundamentals to writing a book. This article follows on from How to Start Writing a Book. If you haven’t read it yet, it may be a good idea to first read that article and then come back here.

Self Publish A Book: The Snap-Shot Guide
So you want to self publish a book... millions of writers take the plunge into self publishing every year and while most people will not skyrocket to literary fame, success stories like E.L. James and her wildly successful 50 Shades of Grey and the crazy-popular Elf on the Shelf empire prove that it can be done and it can be done right.

How to get a book published: Here are the 6 proven ways
Written your book, and now you want to know how to get a book published. Here are the 6 proven ways to publish your book, plus a bonus option. See what suits your budget and time circumstances.

Is it Possible to Publish a Book For Free?
Short answer: Yes and No. Duh, that’s not an answer. I agree, so… In this article we’ll look at where you can self publish your book, and what goes into self publishing. Then we’ll see if you can really publish a book for free. If you decide to go the route of traditional publishing...

The Writing & Self-Publishing Process [SLIDESHARE]
When we think of writing and self-publishing a book, we can feel overwhelmed. But if we look at it as a process – step-by-step – then it’s really not that much of a monster. By focusing on each small step, it’s really not an impossible task to write and self-publish a book.

This is Why Self Published Books Get Such a Bad Rap
As part of my research, and on-going study of the self-publishing industry, I regularly buy books (both traditionally and self-published) on the self-publishing industry. Not too long ago I had the misfortune of receiving 3 self-published books that made me want to hang my head in shame.

Self Publishing FAQs
These are many of the most common self publishing FAQS that I’ve received over the past number of years. If there’s a question you have that’s not answered here, let me know in the comments. Q: What should I self publish, hard copy or ebook? A: Ebooks (especially Kindle ebooks) are still very popular.

What are your biggest challenges with writing & self-publishing? [SURVEY]

Writing and Self-Publishing Resources
Sites, tools, and useful things to help you write and self-publish your book.

How to Format Your Book in Word