A Day in the Life of a Writer

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This is a day in the life of an independent writer – a typical Saturday, actually.

I thought I’d share what a typical Saturday looks like, and I hope you find some value in my ramblings.

5:55 My day starts, and the first thing is coffee and a thinking of what I want to get done today.

6:15 into my study. First order of business is to check e-mail: followed new followers on Twitter, and read the first paragraph or two of an article that looks interesting. If there’s something I want to read I make a note to check it out later. If it’s really good, and something that I can use, I usually print a copy.

6:25 I worked on the outline for a new book (LWAD). I also tried something new, and doing the outline in Excel.

7:00 I have a tea break and Marinda coffee in bed. During my break, I think about things I want to try.

7:20 Back to my LWAD outline.

7:45 I started research on a new product I’m thinking of creating.

8:55 I took a break from the computer. Notepad and pen, I made notes about the new product.

9:00 Continued with my research for the new product.

9:30 Tea break.

9:35 Back to the research.

10:15 Tea break (I now, I drink a lot of tea ) I also made notes about a free product idea I have.

10:25 Since starting The Complete Self Publisher, I’ve been writing a quarterly report, and one of the items in there are my posts. I grabbed the word count of the new posts and included these in the report.

10:45 I too a break from the computer, and spent time making notes about the free product idea I have.

11:00 Typed the notes on the free product ideas I have.

12:00 Break for lunch.

13:10 Our daughter, Abigail, came to visit and we took her to the mall.

15:45 Back home, and chillax…

17:15 Watched rugby, between the Lions (44) vs the Reds (14).

19:20 Back into the study and checked e-mail. Again, returned follows of new Twitter followers.

19:35 Break for supper.

20:05 Watched TV (shows that Marinda recorded on the PVR).

23:25 Started reading Beyond the Baldness, radio personality Mark Pilgrim’s “inspirational story of beating the odds… twice”.

23:50 Lights out, day over.

Author: Colin Dunbar

Colin Dunbar is the owner of The Complete Self Publisher and shares his many years of experience in writing and self-publishing. If you enjoyed this article, please share it :o)

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