Writing Prompts to Help Get You Started

Writing prompts are a great way to kickstart our writing.

I know what it’s like… some days there’s just nothing there

To start writing a book, an article, or any other piece is often the most difficult. This is where the value of writing prompts come into their own.

Staring at the blank page can be agonizing, and then when nothing comes, we can become anxious – and the next it’s a catch-22. The anxiety builds, and it’s as if all creativity and ideas are drained out of us. Not nice.

Well, instead of being in that paralyzing situation of staring at that blank page, grab a writing prompt, type (or write) it. And then let your muse loose.

Just write.

Sometimes a writing prompt can be useful in getting you started. You can either continue building the story, or use the prompt to inspire another story. Sometimes after starting with the prompt, it can lead to something else. And that’s also great.

Here are 5 text writing prompts to help get you started with your writing. I wrote these to help my fellow writers. Use them as you see fit.

I’ve also included something not usually seen… I’ve included 3 photos (Cape Town, South Africa, courtesy of my son, Bronson, www.instagram.com/bronson.dunbar/) that you can use to inspire you. Sometimes a graphic image can inspire us to start the writing process.

Writing prompt #1

It was a day like any other. Nothing special or exciting going on. Donovan sat at the small wooden table, drinking his coffee, like so many times before. Life was good; good in his terms. There were others who would have believed he had a very uninteresting and boring life.

Donovan didn’t care what others thought or felt.

And then, in the distance, a sound that he had never heard before. A shattering noise was a better description.

“What the…”

Writing prompt #2

“In my office. Now!”

Now what the hell was he pissed about now, Diego thought to himself.

He had been beckoned to the Captain’s office like this so many times, he was used to it.

Diego was a transfer from Austen, and ever since he’d been here, he was regularly in trouble. But he did get the job done, maybe not always according to the rules.

He was expecting this to be another moaning.

Diego slowly stood up from his desk, and walked to the Captain’s office.

Writing prompt #3

Monty’s chest was on fire. He leaned against the wall, hands on his knees, panting.

Will he make it?

“That’s a stupid question, you moron!” he said to himself, as he straightened up.

There was no way he was going to give in without a fight.

As he turned and started walking slowly, he heard that shriek pierce through the air.

It was close.

Writing prompt #4

Once upon a time in the far, far away land of Dunkstonshire there lived a greedy merchant, Pukstorm.

Pukstorm was a miserable, unfriendly man, who only had eyes for gold. He worked late into the night, and stored all his gold in his basement.

One day Pukstorm had to travel to the neighboring village to replenish his stock, and this was going to be a trip he would not forget for many a year.

Writing prompt #5

It was a cold night. The kind of cold that cut through one’s clothes, into the bone.

Rachel stood at the window, arms folded, peering into the moonlit night. The garden looked eerie under the silver rays of the moon. Did something move? She blinked and re-focussed her eyes on the silvery landscape. Was her mind playing tricks on her?

A shiver ran down Rachel’s back, and she turned and walked slowly to the dressing table.

Was it her imagination, or was there something in the garden?

Image prompt #1

writing prompt mar17a

Who sat on the bench? Who is going to sit on the bench? What happened to the person who sat on the bench? Where is this?

writing prompt mar17b

Where is this tower? Who is inside? What made the person do it?

writing prompt mar17c

Who erected the cross? What happened to the person? Who is that I see in the distance?

If you find these prompts useful, please share how they helped in the comments below.

How often do you use writing prompts? Or are they something you never use? Share your thoughts below.

Author: Colin Dunbar

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