Writing and Self Publishing Report (Q2 2017)

I wanted to share what I’m doing on my writing and self-publishing journey, so I thought of publishing my quarterly reports. So, without further ado here is my Q2 writing and self-publishing report for 2017. I really hope you find something interesting here…

Writing and Self Publishing Report (Q2 2017)


Very little was achieved this quarter. The reason is that I was de-railed with a family matter. I did manage to start writing a new book. It’s a memoir, and I will be posting more details in the near future.

What has been achieved in this quarter?

Books (Self-Publishing Success Series) (BK01, BK02, BK03, BK04)

How to Format Your Book in Word (FBIW) (BK03). The book is now available on Amazon.

The FBIW PDF version of the book is available on the sales page.

CGGS (BK01). No further progress on this book.

THEJ. The edits I made on the hard copy need to be done on the Word version, and I need to finalize the last chapter.


* Figures in parenthesis are for previous quarter.

Buffer alerts for this quarter: 38 (210)

Direct Tweets: 20 (40)

The above were a combination of Twitter and LinkedIn, for FBIW, and TheCompleteSelfPublisher content.

Newsletter: No newsletter was published this quarter.

Site (ColinDunbar.com (CD01, CD02, etc.))

Nothing done on this site.

Blog (TheCompleteSelfPublisher.com) (CS01, CS02, etc.)

Nothing new added.

What problems did you encounter?

Site (ColinDunbar.com)(CD01, CD02, etc.)

No problems.

Blog (CompleteSelfPublisher.com) (CS01, CS02, etc.)

Aside from the family matter, there were no problems directly with regard to the blog.

Other (OT01, OT02, etc.)

The Internet was done for 6 days – problem at telephone company.

What did you accomplish that wasn’t planned?

Other (OT01, OT02, etc.)

Towards the end of June I started writing a new memoir, and actually made good progress with this. More details will be published on this blog.

Did research for guest blogging and write a few outlines.

Four 5-star reviews were added at Amazon.com for How to Format Your Book in Word.

Bruce Pagliaroli (The Memoir Network) requested a copy of FBIW and offered to write a review at Amazon. Still waiting.

How is success measured?

* Figures in parenthesis are for previous quarter.

PayPal balance $391.95 ($402.42)
Amazon balance $53.19 ($22.33)
Payoneer balance $9.80** ($99.80)

** Withdrawal made for medical expenses

Expenses R531 (R796.23 + $57.00)

New pages (TCSP) 0 (3)

New posts (TCSP) 0 (10)

New book/s: None

Book sales:
Amazon (FBIW) 4 (3)
Amazon (NGUP!) 0 (1)
PDF 0 (0)

Subscribers 27 (27)


* Figures in parenthesis are for previous quarter.


cd.com = 1,423 (1,586)

tcsp.com = 133 (N/A)

ColinDunbar.com traffic
ColinDunbar.com Traffic
TheCompleteSelfPublisher.com traffic
TheCompleteSelfPublisher.com Traffic


Nothing to report here.

Books I Read this Quarter

Guerilla Publishing by Derek Murphy, PhD

The Business Start-Up Manual for Authors by Sharon Jenkins (Terrible book)


Onward and upward!

Planned for Q3:

At time of writing I don’t have anything firmly planned.

Is there anything you want to know more about? Or maybe anything you’d like to suggest? Please let me now in the comments below.

Author: Colin Dunbar

Colin Dunbar is the owner of The Complete Self Publisher and shares his many years of experience in writing and self-publishing. If you enjoyed this article, please share it :o)

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